Des étoiles de tous les étoiles et des navires de guerre expliquées

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Original star wars rebels combattants

T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

With their S-foils locked into attack position, their four wings took on their distinctive x shape. They were developed by the Incom corporation to be excellent all-around fighters, and they were used decades after the Galactic Civil War.

The predecessor to the X-Wing was the Z-95 Headhunter, also manufactured by the Incom Corporation. It resembled an X-Wing with its S-foils closed.

It was developed before the Clone Wars, despite being outdated, the Rebel Alliance often used Z-95s, and Rogue Squadron even used them in their mission to capture Coruscant after the Battle of Endor. A Heavy-95 variant also existed.


The Y-Wing starfighter

Like the Z-95, was developed decades before the Galactic Civil War Originally crewed by one pilot and one gunner, the Rebel Alliance used models that did away with the gun turret.

They also stripped down the armor for more efficient repairs Y-Wings were primarily used as bombers. Multiple variations of the Y-Wing existed including the BTL-A4, the BTL-A4 LP, and the BTL-S3.

The M-class starfighter was kind of a variation on the Y-Wing in that they were partly built from salvaged parts of broken Y-Wings.

They were crewed by a pilot and a navigator, and some were in use at Echo Base on Hoth.


The RZ-1 A-Wing

Was the smallest and fastest of the Rebel starfighters. They were manufactured by Kuat Systems, but were modified by the Alliance to increase speed and maneuverability. It was able to outfly the TIE Interceptor.

Like the X-Wing they were used in the early days of the Rebellion all the way to decades after the Galactic Civil War. In Legends they could be seen fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, and in Canon they were used by the Resistance.

A slight variation on the A-Wing, the R-22 Spearhead was also used by the Alliance, a two-seated version of this fighter existed.

A Wing

The B-Wing

Also known as the Blade Wing, was created to engage and destroy capital ships.

It was far less maneuverable than the other Rebel ships, but was very heavily armed. The Canon B-Wing’s prototype, the B6, was armed with a composite-beam laser and had a second gunner’s at the opposite end of the ship. A Legends predecessor to the B-Wing was the H-60 Tempest bomber, that resembled a B-Wing without its wings.

New Republic combattants

The E-Wing starfighter

Was developed under the New Republic. It was a marriage of the best qualities of both the X-Wing and the A-Wing, and was meant to replace the X-Wing.

While it was a versatile ship, it was less reliable, and most pilots preferred to modify their X-Wings rather than switch to new ships.

E Wing

The K-Wing assault starfighter

Was a heavy bomber. It was created by the New Republic to cause massive bombing damage to planetary targets or capital ships. Despite its larger size, it was about as fast as its big brother, the Y-Wing.

k Wing

The T-Wing

Served a similar function to the A-Wing, and was meant to replace the craft. Unfortunately it was poorly constructed using cheap materials, was full of coding errors, and didn’t look nearly as cool.

The H-Wing

Was another bomber created by the same company that made the Y-Wing and K-Wing. During its time, it was the second most heavily armed starfighter in the fleet, the B-Wing being the first. It was a two-seated fighter designed as a long range strike fighter and bomber.

The V-Wing

Was technically an airspeeder and not a starfighter, but it’s got a letter-wing name so I’m going to include it.


Was only used by the New Republic. It was incredibly fast and maneuverable, but lacked any shields and since I included the V-Wing, I should probably also include the T-47 Again, it’s an airspeeder and not a starfighter. It was originally designed for cargo and freight, but its resilient design made it ideal for Echo Base on Hoth, and so the Rebels modified it to suit their purposes.

The R-41 Starchaser

Was a competitor of the Z-95 Headhunter. It was a balanced starfighter that was only lightly used by the Rebellion The Cutlass-9 patrol fighter was originally created to protect the SoroSuub corporation on Sullust. But when Sullust seceded from the Empire, they offered the services of their starfighters to the Rebel Alliance.

Additionally, and although they were very lightly used, the Alliance did use other Clone Wars-era ships including the N-1, the Eta-2, the ARC-170, and the Belbullab-22.

After the Galactic Civil War, the New Republic could even be seen using various TIE models.



I’m only mentioning it because of its name because it was actually an Imperial starfighter. But it has a letter-wing name so I at least wanted to let you know that it exists and that’s all of the starfighters used by the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.

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